Courtesy of Mike Ging (@michaelging)

John Damaso

I am an English teacher, department chair, and educational technology enthusiast at Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

My educational philosophy requires the following:

  1. Early Adoption
  2. Immediate Deployment
  3. Improvisation
  4. Adaptatio n

More specifically I believe that...

  • Teacher enthusiasm and energy beget both from students
  • High standards, if conveyed clearly, trump differentiation
  • Immediate deployment of new technology in the classroom models an attractive fail-to-succeed method for students

I have an MA in Linguistics from Queen Mary, University of London and a BS in Linguistics from Georgetown University.

My Masters thesis was entitled "The New Populist Dictionary: A Computer-mediated, Ethnographic Case Study of an Online, Collaboratively-authored English Slang Dictionary."

I do most of my reading in the summers and record short book reviews here on Goodreads.  I run recognizable shapes via a mapping app on my blog Cardio Cartography, and I kept a Tumblr journal of my time in China called Pancake Colours.